creamy cucumber salad with mayo and sour cream

*This Cucumber Salad Like Mom's. Apr 10, 2018 - This Simple Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe with Sour Cream, Mayo and Dill is a nice refreshing side for those hot days of summer or holiday side dish. I lightened this salad up by using reduced fat mayo and reduced fat sour cream and they worked out perfectly! Keto cucumber avocado salad: Remove the dressing (or keep it if you like) and add about a 1/2 cup of avocado to this recipe. Cover and refrigerate until serving time. Cover and let stand for 1/2 hour. … When you’re craving the creamy freshness of a super summer salad, only this creamy cucumber salad will do. Jennifer McGavin. Be sure to use the same amount of mayo as you would have sour cream. It takes just minutes to make and is the perfect side dish next to grilled chicken or barbecue ribs. For the dressing you’ll whisk together your mayonnaise, sour cream, red or white wine vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings. I know. In addition to being super easy to make you really can’t go wrong with a cool and juicy cucumber salad on hot summer days! Sprinkle them with salt and vinegar. This easy recipe is made in a snap with ingredients that are probably already in the kitchen. Creamy Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream Dressing. Creamy Cucumber and Onion Salad. It's light, creamy, and incredibly easy to make. It’s also super quick and easy to make! How To Make Cucumber Salad: For this cucumber salad, you want to make your dressing first for best results. Written by. chopped fresh dill – dried just isn’t quite the same in this recipe so use fresh if you can (if using dried dill, reduce to 1 tablespoon) vinegar – one of the main components in the dressing, the vinegar adds a nice tang. Made with crisp cucumber, fresh tomatoes, sweet onion, and tossed in a tangy and creamy dressing. Learn about The Spruce Eats' Editorial Process. I see plenty of pickles in my future. May 2, 2018 - This Simple Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe with Sour Cream, Mayo and Dill is a nice refreshing side for those hot days of summer or holiday side dish. The cucumbers may release a bit more liquid during that time which will thin out the sauce a bit. My mom makes it all the time and so do I. Peel and slice the cucumbers and put them in a glass bowl. September 12, 2020 By Laurie Neverman 2 Comments This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Dec 11, 2018 - This Simple Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe with Sour Cream, Mayo and Dill is a nice refreshing side for those hot days of summer or holiday side dish. I forgot to add a note which I did want to mention as this recipe was able to be made lactose free I found it creamy and enjoyable and as I am not allowed to have yogurt or sour cream as many recipes call for with this type of cucumber salad it was a beautiful and easy recipe that allowed me to make a fabulous salad for my family without having to worry about lactose issues. Creamy Cucumber Salad is a refreshing summertime staple at any picnic, barbecue or potluck. Joern Pollex / Getty Images News. It also took me four years to share … Updated 07/31/19. I’m doing my summer MIA thing again. Sharing is caring! I decided to use red potatoes here, because I like that they are a little less starchy than the white varieties and hold their shape nicely once they are cooked, but still have a bit of creaminess to them on the inside. German Creamy Cucumber Salad With Dill. For a complete meal serve with This is a delicious southern classic salad! With garden fresh cucumbers, onions, and sour cream, this Creamy Cucumber Salad is a cool, refreshing summer salad great for cookouts or light dinners. The cucumber salad is so easy to make it’s a great choice for … I had been craving cucumber salad and with most of the ones that I've had in the past they were way to vinegary. When I was growing up, this sour cream cucumber salad was on the table very frequently during the summer months. Crisp cucumbers and fresh summery dill all tossed in a simple sour cream dressing. Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions are tossed in a creamy dressing made from mayonnaise, sour cream… You can either serve it as is, or you can drain off some of the liquid. How do I make a creamy cucumber salad? I swore this would be the summer I finally shared the recipe for this Creamy Cucumber Salad, though, since I make it every single summer and never shared it! It’s a simple salad composed of thinly sliced cucumbers, sometimes onions and a sour cream based dressing. Great for lunch on the fly. I recommend making it 24 hours in advance so that the flavors can develop, so keep that in mind. When your garden was producing a ton of cukes this is an easy 15 minute salad that everyone will enjoy. Creamy Cucumber Salad with Mayo and Sour Cream. I simply swapped out the sour cream for homemade mayonnaise and added a splash of lemon juice for some extra tang. From potlucks and picnics to Sunday suppers and family get-togethers, you are gonna’ love this. This salad could not be easier, it’s pretty much just slice up some cucumber and onions and toss them in a creamy mixture of yogurt (or sour cream or mayo), lemon juice and garlic and you’re good to go! May 6, 2018 - This Simple Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe with Sour Cream, Mayo and Dill is a nice refreshing side for those hot days of summer or holiday side dish. Either way, this cucumber salad with mayo is delicious! Pour off the excess liquid and strain in colander for about a 1/2 hour to allow complete drainage. But this one was creamy and perfect. You can even do half and half if you like both ingredients. Creamy Cucumber and Tomato Salad makes a fantastic summer side dish. Add the mayonnaise, sour cream, pepper and dill, and mix well. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and pairs really well with mashed potatoes. sour cream or plain Greek yogurt – the two really are interchangeable in this recipe and make a deliciously creamy cucumber salad. Creamy Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream is an old fashioned salad that all Midwesterners grew up with. If you prefer not to make the dressing portion of this recipe, another great option is to use ranch dressing. It goes great as a cookout side alongside tender ribs, bbq lamb chops or a cheeseburger with green chili aioli!. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (quite literally). Adapting a traditional German Cucumber Salad into a Whole30 compliant dish wasn’t exactly rocket science. Plus, its compatible with just about any warm-weather meal and it comes with a big red easy button. The sour cream dressing and fresh dill are a perfect compliment to … My garden cucumbers are out of control this year! Creamy Cucumber Salad - just like Grandma made! Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad is fresh crisp cucumbers, sun ripened tomatoes and sweet onions in a luscious sour cream mayonnaise dill base. Keto cucumber feta salad: To take this salad to the next level, add in some feta cheese to this recipe. Share; Tweet; Pin; Reddit; Yummly; Creamy cucumber salad is one of our favorite summer side dishes. Fresh dill is a must! I was so addicted. Twitter; Jennifer McGavin learned to cook German food while living in Germany for 11 years and has worked in the food industry for many years. This creamy cucumber salad was pretty much a daily dish all summer long when I was growing up. It makes a scrumptious patio party dish, healthy light lunch or dinner side. This classic recipe is made with fresh cucumbers, red onions, fresh dill, and a handful of other ingredients for a side dish that everyone will love. Serve: This creamy cucumber salad tastes best if you leave it to chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving. Keto cucumber salad with mayo: You can use mayo in place of sour cream or in addition to the sour cream. They just became ready about 2 weeks ago and since then, I’ve picked over 60 cukes from only a couple of plants. Yes, this creamy cucumber salad and other versions of it, can easily be made with mayo. It is a popular variation and equally delicious. You will simply need to remove the sour cream from the recipe and use mayo in its place. This classic creamy cucumber salad is light, cool and the perfect summer side dish for any occasion. My mom sliced our garden cucumbers into a bowl of salt and left them for about a half hour. The perfect salad for picnics, pot lucks, or summer grilling. Creamy Tomato and Cucumber Salad makes a fantastic summer side. The dressing is just sour cream, mayo and pressed garlic but it’s simply delicious. Jennifer McGavin. After that she rinsed them well, patted dry, and added the onions and sour cream mixture. It’s light, dreamy, and totally yummy.

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