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Generates rough sketches and engineering drawings and special techniques for control and implementation of research experiments. Served overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq - 2006 and 2008). You'll also be involved with control and monitoring devices and occasionally in the manufacture of items that will help in maintenance. Selected to oversee heavy equipment installation and vehicle movement to other locations. Handle the tasks of repairing and replacing equipment parts such as drums, seals, buckets, gears, rods, hydraulic pumps and electric motors. Used technical manuals, bulletins and written directives in the performance of all inspections. Perform 30 and 90 day engine and hydraulic system oil and filter change. Repaired and maintained a fleet of 30 quarry vehicles. Perform initial, in-process and final inspections of work orders. vacuumtech philippines inc jobs. Designed system upgrades to improve system performance and reliability. Mechanical Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer, Director of Manufacturing and more! Designed assembly modifications for the Ion Implanter and RTA's that reduced downtime and COO. Install and remove heavy parts using hydraulic lifts and cranes such as hydraulic cylinders, tracks, engines, transmissions, and attachments. Achievements: • Assigned as heavy equipment technician in Africa, Asia, Europe, North & South America • Communicating in English and French • Maintained and repaired Caterpillar heavy equipment • Trained and supervised mechanics, welders and electricians • Planning maintenance, repairs, mobilization and demobilization of heavy equipment … FPII Cougar CAT I, CAT II, Buffalo CAT I. OSHKOSH M-ATV CAT I, CAT II. Use resume examples. Perform daily safety inspections and assessments in the work areas to mitigate present hazards, projected hazards and hazards associated with the tasks on hand and enforces safe practices. Constructs, installs, and repairs equipment and components, Diagnoses equipment problems and determines repairs needed. Managed Spare Parts Department and led two technical operators. Provide on time and accurate feedback and information to management on all reportable equipment being worked with in the Unscheduled Maintenance Section. Ensures work is complete and conforms to standards and requirements IAW technical manuals, ETMs, and local SOPs. MaxxPro/IMG CAT I, CAT II, MaxxPro Plus CAT I, CAT II. Maintenance Resume Sample inspires you with ideas and examples of what do you put in the objective, skills, responsibilities and duties. Oversaw and assisted in the mentoring and psychological well-being of several Marines, thus enhancing suicide prevention and awareness. Perform all work according to the Military TM and PMCS -10, -20 and -30 level to effectively obtain and maintain mission capable status. Rebuild and maintain Army Unit 2-4 Left Behind Equipment (LBE) M113A3 family of vehicles to 10/20 standards. Repair vehicles to all applicable standards to include 10/20, and FMC. Performed all duties up to safety standards with no violations. As a heavy equipment mechanic, managed repairs for vehicles issued to the military. Proven ability to read blueprints and drawings then manage team of excavators to create the required landscape. Perform full range of work on chassis and diesel internal combustion engines. Job description and duties for Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Designed and implemented T0, T1, E1, T3, Optical and GIG-E Ethernet circuits, Sonnet and DWDM rings. Installed and repaired Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS). BAE RG-33 CAT I, CAT II. As you can see in the mechanical maintenance engineer CV example, your Education section should include relevant on-the-job training as well as formal degrees. To see if your resume could use some overhauling, view this sample resume for an equipment operator below, and download the sample resume for an equipment operator in Word. Maintain a fleet of 125 combat vehicles and MRAP systems. Developed specifications for a high volume, five flavor chocolate machine. A heavy equipment operator is trained personnel who drives, controls, and operates a set of equipments, such as bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, motor graders, etc. Perform routine safety and preventive maintenance inspections, such as fluid changes, filters, grease, lubricate, change belts, and replace lights. Managed dispatch duties; communicating customer requests and assignments throughout the day. Made minor adjustment to the press as needed to Maintained equipment and inspected coins so that they were produced with the best level of quality. Assists in monitoring customer accounts, inventory sheets and sales data as needed. A maintenance lead position calls for a combination of repair, delegation, planning, and leadership abilities. Repairs, maintains, and services fuel injection systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems, air conditioning systems, lubrication systems, engine control systems, installation and alignment of engines and machinery. Performed routine and scheduled maintenance services based on manufacturer’s specifications. Maintenance Engineer Resume Example. Team leader for assembly and install of gunner turret's on vehicles in shop. Equipment Maintenance Technician Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities. Defined numerous cost reduction and 2nd sourcing activities resulting in over $5 million in cross factory savings. Assures that equipment and supplies are utilized properly. Verified employers. Overhaul engines and reinstall into equipment and vehicles. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Guam, U.S.A. Workshop/Equipment Manager. Designed and implemented new snapping isolation equipment. Include the Skills section after experience. Maintaining Equipment Status &Maintenance Job Records. Skilled in adjusting, maintaining, and replacing worn/broken parts and components.. Military leadership, construction equipment repair, and first aid training. Performed weekly maintenance assessments on company equipment.. Participated in team evaluating new pumps for TEL Tracks which reduced resist waste, thereby saving over $1,000,000 in annual costs. Unscheduled maintenance, responsible for repairing problems such as replacing power packs. Interpretation and application of complicated guidance materials, blue prints, technical drawings and schematics. In time-based maintenance, the mechanical maintenance engineer performs maintenance checks at regular intervals and acts preventively to avoid situations from arising that may compromise the proper functioning of machinery and equipment, e.g. Scheduled fleet vehicles into the shop and handled all parts orders. Created and edited mechanical and electrical drawings using AutoCAD and Solidworks software. Provide crane service to the Iron Range area, focusing on the mining industry. Perform spot inspections on equipment undergoing maintenance to ensure proper assembly and repair processes are being employed, Utilized Technical Manual(TM's) for diagnosing, servicing and repairing equipment, Utilized Electronic Technical Manuals (ETM's) to troubleshoot, dismantle and reassemble of equipment, Maintained appropriated government paperwork and files (Job Packets), Diagnosed system malfunctions, isolated causes and corrected the deficiencies, Excellent mechanic that works well with teams members in solving mechanical problems, Supervising a team of individuals, ensuring the accurate and timely completion of tasks within budget and without compromising standards or levels of service, Executing fault finding investigations on frac pumps, blenders and coiled tubing units, performing a mechanical overhaul and reinstatement of various parts, Carrying out corrective works and build stage checks, including complex and precise measurements, working to strict health and safety requirements to ensure the safety of self and others at all times, Fundamentally responsible for replacing all Centrifugal, Turbine and Hydraulic Pumps, additionally replacing valves and repairing acid tubes, Expertly completing Federal Dot inspections on transport units in line with federal and Calfrac guidelines. Knowledge and understanding of applicable technical manuals, technical bulletins, and field service manuals. When listing skills on your equipment engineering resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Electrical Engineering And Computer Engineering. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Heavy Equipment Mechanic job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Verify all safety operations after performing maintenance. Examples can help you decide how to format your resume, as well as what information to include. Member of a team that designed and developed a new weight driven coffee grinder. New grinder reduced coffee cost and significantly improved product quality. Replaced and inspected tires in accordance with DOT regulations. Oversee the repair of power generation, earth moving, earth shacking, earth lifting, earth compacting, quarrying, rock crushing, road surfacing, water purification, distribution, refrigeration, air conditioning, bridging and POL transferring and engineering … Coordinated shipment of non-repairable molds to 5-6 selected vendors for further work. Administered and implemented repair, modification, and upgrade operations as related to the Marine Corps Reserves ground support equipment; serviced, inspected, maintained, and repaired heavy mobile equipment, transmissions, multi-gear assemblies, along with complex electrical devices, equipment, and components, Inspected, disassembled, adjusted, and rebuilt engine accessories and various components (hydraulic, cooling, electrical and mechanical systems, fuel tanks, drive shafts, vent ducts, etc.) Maintain daily work log, work performed, parts used, equipment down, and stocking storeroom. Install necessary modifications to vehicles such as OGPK, AFES, Bar-Armor, EFP Armor, and driveline upgrades. Troubleshoot electrical and mechanical faults and understand electrical and hydraulic fold out schematics on material handling equipment and track vehicle fleets. 32 Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer jobs available on Indeed.co.in. Responsible for tracking of all DRMO for shops. Worked on BAE- Tactical Vehicle Systems - Caiman, Ground support equipment, material handling equipment, Hazardous material handling, inventory and parts control, Responsible for the daily maintenance of over 250 pieces of heavy equipment in accordance with safety and hazmat regulations, Experience diagnosing and repairing electrical systems for D7, D8 and D9 dozers, John Deer Loaders and backhoes, Performed repairs on hydraulic systems for John Deer Loaders, dozers, scrapers, cranes, excavators, graders and compactors, Worked on diesel fuel systems for dozers, forklifts, loaders and Terex 5K, Currently serving in the Army National Guard, Assisted the Command Sergeant Major as a ride-along and conducting our daily duties. All rights reserved. Operate articulating cranes up to 59k, forklifts up to 36k capacities. Served as Active Liaison between [company name] Corporate support, Fortune 500 client's equipment engineering technicians and their engineering group with installation, design modifications, preventative and operative maintenance which required an aggressive training agenda, Electrical and Mechanical troubleshooting skills, field documentation of tool operation and strong customer relations skills. Reduced equipment maintenance contract cost by 40%. Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Job description template in English. Performed semi and annual services to bring MRAP vehicles to FMC and 10/20 Standards. Prepared Bills of Materials, Routings and release jobs to manufacturing. Proficient knowledge in reading hydraulic and electrical schematics. Spent 3 months repairing, inspecting, testing, and calibrating sensitive high-tech equipment including night vision goggles, laser target devices, Blue Force Tracking (BFT) systems, Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receivers (DAGRS), and Army Standard Intelligence Plotter Systems (ASIPS). to ensure superior compliance with the technical manual specifications; utilized and consistently developed skills in special tools and machinery operation, Deployed systematic approach to diagnose issues and demonstrated independent judgment abilities to determine the degree of disassembly required to minimize costs and meet/exceed quality standards, Used impact wrenches, special pullers, arbor presses, blast cleaner, and other to determine component wear and plan necessary replacements; assembled wiring, insulation, and electrical components, as well as test serviceability of the assemblies and equipment through precision tools utilization, Ensure proper vehicle function and 100% accountability; performed corrective organizational maintenance on previously diagnosed malfunctions of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems and components; test continuity of electrical circuits; assist in vehicle recovery and evacuation operations. Promoted to supervisor, oversaw and assigned responsibilities of detecting malfunctions, replacing defective parts and performing system tests, Promoted to General Foreman in 2003, assisted with budget planning and oversaw monthly costs, Duties included interviewing potential employees and managing all building maintenance and light vehicle maintenance, Proactively managed operation, coordination as well as quality control of heavy equipment, including repair facility, Successfully coordinated activities through proper scheduling of work assignments and directing the work of subordinate employees, Mentored subordinate employees and ensured performance enhancement, Monitored and inspected equipment for tolerance and quality, Diagnosed and troubleshoot complex equipment problems; recommended repairs, Efficiently handled requisitions of materials and supplies utilized in heavy equipment repair and maintenance, ensuring compliance to standard specifications, Developed and executed logistical plans to improve and facilitate operation, Proper adherence with OSHA regulations to ensure safety of all employees, Liaised and maintained professional relationships with staff and senior management, Responsible for maintenance and repairs on Drilling Rigs, (Kelly & Top Drive Rigs), Drilling Pumps, Drilling Tools, Cranes, Vacuum Trucks, Tractors & Trailers, Completed training by Smyser & Associates, Inc. for CVSA/Inspector Qualifications (Out of Service Criteria Training) and Brake Inspector Qualifications, Responsible for inspection and repair of equipment per the BIT regulations, Efficiently managed all call outs and coordination of necessary vendors, Completed NOV Top Drive System-AC TDS 9, 10 11 Mechanical Course. Maintained fire special hazard systems such as Halon, CO2, wet and dry pipe sprinklers, and tested all fire extinguishers. Heavy Equipment Operator I Resume. Diagnosis and repair of electrical, fuel, HVAC, CTIS, drivability issues and cooling system issues. I am qualified to operate all "Yellow" or "Horizontal" equipment. What Does an Equipment Maintenance Technician Do? (Track and wheel vehicles), United States Marine Corps Leadership Course For Noncommissioned Officers. Minor repairing Reefers Container, 3 p line. Repaired heavy equipment such as dozers, cranes, excavators and loaders. 41 Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer jobs available on Indeed.com. Perform inspections, troubleshoot various electrical mechanical systems. Performed safety inspections of vehicles and prepared safety documentation. Prepare visual inspection report, equipment history card, and major repair plan before start the major overhaul of. Replaced/installed parts, components, engines, hydraulics, radiator systems, and drive train. Partnered with multiple contractors with 8,000+ vehicles in-country. Operate Grove GMK 4090 all-terrain crane. I established our short and long term equipment/machinery maintenance plan showing great improvement. Conducted Semi-Annual/Annual Preventative Maintenance to all Vehicles. MTVR equipped Caterpillar and Allison Transmission. Diagnose automotive electrical systems including wiring harness, starting, and charging systems, and then repair as needed. Extensive knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical repair. ISBN 1-58716-142-7 1. Inspected, Troubleshoot, tested and repaired Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Alarm Systems to meet Department of Energy requirements. Recommended approximately four Marines for accomplishments monthly, in order for them to advance or improve in their careers. Coordinated equipment repair of 19 Ion Implanters and 18 Rapid Thermal Annealers (RTA). Overhaul engines and reinstall into equipment and vehicles. Dhillon. 41 Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer jobs available on Indeed.co.in. For entry award and retention of these AFSCs, qualification to operate a government vehicle according to AFI 24-301 , Vehicle Operations, is mandatory. Develops or evaluates test procedures, determines circuit requirements and develops diagnostics prototype modes. Repair / replace worn and damaged tires and rims varying in size from simple hand cart tires to […] using both hand tools in the field and machines in shop. Attach test equipment and instruments to diagnose malfunctions. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Performed maintenance on 19 different Military Tactical Vehicles and Material Handling Equipment, ranging from 1-1/4 ton to 10 ton in weight. What Does an Equipment Maintenance Technician Do? Metal forming machine operator high speed stamping coin presses in the production of United States 50 State Quarter program and other denominations of US coins. Perform major and minor repairs on engines, drive train units, suspension, steering & breaking systems. Maintenance and repair diesel trucks, base operations support equipment, snow plows, snow removal blowers, aircraft de-icers, emergency response trucks and cars, bobtails, tugs, and aircraft tow vehicles, maintain UDI fleet vans, trucks, and cars as well as the equipment used for loading, unloading military transport aircraft 25 and 40 K aircraft cargo loaders and all forklifts up to 15K. Prepares reports, charts, and graphs for scientific and engineering personnel to use in making decision on design for experimental development. Removed and installed all key components of machinery including: drive train, engine/transmission, differential assembly, cooling system, cab, A/C, etc. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. The machinery in the service engineer's care may be anything from window air conditioners to diesel boilers to factory manufacturing equipment. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. Served in a leadership role, providing training and support for team members in design and implementation, provisioning and database applications; helped significantly increase overall quality and performance. As a maintenance engineer you'll be responsible for the continuous running of equipment and machinery. Maintenance Technicians typically handle heavy cleaning duties and maintain the inventory required for upkeep. Managed monthly mold budget for $50K+. Work Intermediate Direct Support (IDS) and Intermediate General Support (IGS) levels maintenance inspections, services, repairs and overhauls on all variants of the MRAP family include the RG33, RG31, M-ATV, Caiman, IMG (MaxxPro & MaxxPro Plus), and Cougar (CAT I & CAT II) for Unscheduled Maintenance Team. This reduced downtime and eliminated redundant wafer recipes. Become visible to more recruiters with Resume Display service. Maintenance engineers responsible for the daily maintenance of equipment. Disassemble open-pit mining equipment, load components on flatbed and specialized heavy-haul transport equipment, and re-erect at new location. Resumes in this field highlight such duties as scheduling preventative maintenance practices for heavy equipment, light vehicles, and generators; developing comprehensive schedules of heavy equipment … Maintenance, Servicing and trouble shooting of Earth Moving Equipments like Graders, Loaders, All Types Of Rollers, Air Compressors, and Tippers Etc. Inspected, troubleshoot, diagnosed and performed scheduled maintenance on equipment. Check, Inspect, Troubleshooting & Problems in Road Construction. Designed and modified high quality food service equipment per customer specifications. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical equipment engineering skills: Highly organized with outstanding written and verbal … Mentored and up to 4 mechanics; monitoring growth and delegating responsibility based on experience and ability. Installed Catcher and Gap Kits and ITDS Turret Upgrades to M-ATVs and RG-31 vehicles. Coordinates with logistician to insure parts issued are accurate to minimize equipment down time. Inventoried sets of tools valued at $22,000 making sure we have complete sets to enable man power and cost savings. Supervised, trained, administrated, critiqued work performance and lead 30 personnel into all tasks assigned and accomplished all tasks before all deadlines met. Diagnoses and corrects equipment and system malfunctions which fail to respond to standard corrective measures. Responsible for $67M in capital equipment supporting a 24 x 7 operation. Mechanical Maintenance Engineer CV Must-Haves What Does a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Do? Service Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Senior Maintenance Engineer and more! 2,626 Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineer jobs available on Indeed.com. Performed major repairs including complete battle damage repair of all major assemblies and subassemblies. Troubled shoot transmission, brakes, electrical, … PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services) our vehicles such as, Humvees, LMTVS, Armored Vehicles, etc. Operated and inspected machines or equipment to diagnose defects. Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting various kinds of military and civilian equipment to include Backhoes, Fuel/Water Trucks, Centrifugal Pumps, HMMWV's, MTVR's, Forklifts, Light Towers, Generators, Tractor Trailers, Buses and medium duty trucks. Designed, built, and installed new systems to modify vehicles as a communications installer and electronics technician, installed Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) and Harris radios into military vehicles. Earned a certificate and awarded a coveted metal coin in recognition of excellent performance. Installed blast armor and suspension upgrade kits to MAXXPRO MRAP, Assisted preparation team with complete teardown and cleaning of vehicles, Performed scheduled maintenance on vehicles as instructed by supervisor. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Examined parts for damage or excessive wear using micrometers and gauges. Led Kaizen teams to improve equipment interface and performance, Implemented Lean manufacturing practices and Six sigma improvements to production equipment and production areas, Designed and implemented system upgrades for CVD equipment. Operated and inspected [company name] vehicles or heavy equipment to diagnose defects and then repair as needed to maintain military combat readiness. Developed Equipment preventative maintenance, safety, and rebuild ISO standard specifications. Use our Job Description Tool to sort through over 13,000 other Job Titles and Careers. This resume was written by a ResumeMyCareer professional resume writer, and demonstrates how a resume for a Heavy Equipment Engineer Candidate should be properly created. Maintenance Engineers perform routine equipment maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and … Worked alongside technicians to monitor quality and share expertise. Dismantle & reassembles equipment, using hoists hand tools, Read work orders or received oral instructions to determine work assignments for material, Examine parts for damage or excessive wear, using micrometers gauges, Test overhauled equipment to make sure operating efficiency. Initiated and developed tool database which provided specific/critical tool information which resulted in reducing informational retrieval time. The sample below is for Heavy Equipment Engineer Cover Letter. Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. Territory Sales, Director of Manufacturing, Engineering Supervisor and more! Successfully maintained and serviced a fleet of 30 vehicles which were Diesel and hydraulic vehicles to military standards and policies with zero safety incidents. Routinely rebuilds and replaces engines, performs fuel system diagnostics, electrical repairs, A/C maintenance and repair and hydraulic/pneumatic repairs. Versatile and result oriented individual with thorough knowledge of all the kinds of equipment used in a construction company. Top 20 Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Objective Examples You Can Use. Managed all phases of network design and implementation projects from conception through delivery. Long work history of operating heavy equipment including backhoes, dozers, graders, inloaders and other excavation equipment. Reduced cost by 30% and improved material utilization 35% by installing a custom made shear to isolate parts from larger panels. Perform reconstruction and fabrication of brackets, metal parts and panels through wielding and torching. Examine and adjust loose bolts, guards, and safety equipment. Troubleshoot, analyzed, and repaired malfunctions of a variety of internal combustion and diesel engines, including troubleshooting electrical systems. Responsible for implementing dicing equipment for isolating miniSMD devices including selection, purchasing, installation and operator training. Performed preventative maintenance and statistical analysis on equipments from 9 processes for manufacturing EV batteries.

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