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http://climate.umn.edu/climatechange/climatechangeobservedNu.htm, 7Wilcox, D.A, T.A. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2006GL029021/pdf, 2Austin, J.A. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world in area and the third largest in volume, behind Lake Baikal in Siberia and Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. Lake Superior water temperatures Current sea tmp: 7.4°C / 45.4°F Based on readings from Sault Sainte Marie Res. Scientists believe the faster winds could accelerate the speed of Lake Superior’s water currents, which in turn could affect the aquatic food web.3, Lake Superior's summer stratification season is longer. This page last modified on February 23, 2015 At 18.20°C | 64.76°F, the average monthly water temperature reaches its highest value in the year in August. 9U.S. Lake Superior boasts extremely clear water, with an average underwater visibility of 27 feet (8.2 m). That is 9.72 degrees above the average temperature for July 10 from 1995 to 2020 and constitutes the warmest surface water temperature ever recorded on Lake Ontario, according to NOAA CoastWatch data. An average of 7.00°C | 44.60°F water temperatures is reached in Superior (Lake Superior) over the year. Accessed 2/8/10. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in August, with an average of 97 mm | 3.8 inch. These warm-season fogs occur when moisture in the warm air condenses as it flows over the cold lake. Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, however, have already started cooling off. 2007. Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Climate Change and the Minnesota State Climatology Office: Observing the climate. Warmer nights. Virginia 2009. This section reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water. © 1996 – 2020 Regents of the University of Minnesota Current water temperature Lake Superior ), Lower water levels in Lake Superior. Although the details of regional climate predictions are still crude and model-dependent, it seems likely that around Lake Superior people should expect: Proxy records of past climate variability in the Great Lakes region have been developed from tree rings, dune soils, and the sediments of small lakes and wetlands. Regional climate change adaptation strategies for biodiversity conservation in a midcontinental region of North America. Limnol. The western Lake Superior Buoys are maintained by the University of Minnesota Duluth Large Lakes Observatory, with funding from the Great Lakes Observing System. (Complete List of Average Temperatures) Use the near real-time water temperature data with discretion, because they may contain errors. and S.M. 2008. Mortsch, M. Brklacich, D.L. Station Data. The average water temperature experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year. Colman. Between late spring and late fall, the shore can be shrouded in fog when inland areas bask in sunshine. Lake Superior average water temperature this … Proctor     Lake Superior’s average water temperature reached 55.8 degrees on July 8, over 6 degrees above normal. Lake Superior summer water temperatures are increasing more rapidly than regional air temperatures: A positive ice-albedo feedback, Geophys. www.lre.usace.army.mil, 31 West College Street    Duluth, MN 55812    (218) 726-8106. Winter months average high temperatures of about 25°F (-4°C) and summer months average about 70°F (22°C). Hermantown Occasional wave height is the average of the highest 1/10 of the wave spectrum. Whereas in February the lowest value is measured with about 1.10°C | 33.98°F. Open Lake Forecast for Lake Superior National Weather Service Marquette MI 1009 PM EST Sun Nov 29 2020 For waters beyond 5 nautical miles of shore on Lake Superior. http://www.sciencedirect.com, 6Zandlo, J., modified 3/13/08. McKinley. 1, 2. The high water level in October of 1985 was 3.9 feet (1.19 m) above a low in March of 1926.9. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 31.3 °C | 88.3 °F. Get the monthly weather forecast for Lake Superior Estates, MI, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. ), Warmer winters. For all sorts of lake-relatved recreation such as swimming boating,and fishing, this site provides mathematically generated instantaneous and 5-day predictions of lake surface water temperatures. Nature Geosci. Proc., p. 181-197. 53, 2724–2730. The least amount of rainfall occurs in February. The sun-warmed upper layer extends farther into the water column, making fall mixing later.1 The length of the positively stratified season has increased from 145 to 170 days over the last century.2. www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v2/n12/abs/ngeo693.html, 4Field, C.B., L.D. Army Corps of Engineers - Detroit District. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Weather and Climate Lake Superior greatly moderates temperature extremes, preventing deep cold during most of the winter, slowing spring warming, and keeping summers somewhat cooler overall. 2007. Drier summers (reduction in soil moisture). Lake Superior's surface water temperature in summer has warmed twice as much as the air above it since 1980. The established average water surface temperature for Lake Superior this time of year is 56°F (13.4°C). With 18.20°C | 64.76°F, the water temperature reaches its highest value in the year around August 16. Hibbing The surface water temperature of Lake Ontario continues to remain above average, having hit 73.814 degrees Fahrenheit on Aug. 20. Lake Superior's surface water temperature in summer has warmed twice as much as the air above it since 1980. Lake Superior weather forecast updated daily. weather station: 199 m.a.s.l., 153.0 km away from Lake Superior North Shore Conservation Reserve Average temperature per month Graph explanation. Increased climate variability and extremes. This is a degree above the long-term average surface water temperature high of 16 °C; it also took place a couple of weeks earlier than the long-term average high, which occurs in early September. This figure shows the average surface water temperatures in each of the Great Lakes, as measured by satellites. The average maximum temperature in Great Lake Superior in November is 2°.The average maximum temperature is 10° in the previous month and -5° in the next month.. Duluth gets an average of 52 days of … (Minimum or 'overnight low' temperatures have been rising faster than the maximum temperature. The area covered by ice each winter is decreasing by about 0.5% per year.1 Ice cover in Lake Superior has decreased from 23% to 12% over the last century.2, Wind speeds over Lake Superior are increasing. A century of temperature variability in Lake Superior. Waves are the significant wave height - the average of the highest 1/3 of the wave spectrum. Marine Weather for Canada. The variation in the precipitation between the driest and wettest months is 81 mm | 3 inch. Nearshore Marine Forecasts. In the summer, however, the temperature can reach eighty degrees, making it possible to swim in the lake for those who like a rather bracing swim in fresh water! Changes in the species composition of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The closest Ocean of Superior is Lake Superior with roughly 2.65km (1.65 in miles), The closest Airports of Superior are: Duluth International Airport (DLH) 14.37km,Range Regional Airport (HIB) 92.79km,Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD) 159.57km, You can reach Superior from this Cities by Plane: Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (AZA), The population of Superior is approximately 27244 Get the monthly weather forecast for Superior, WI, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. These proxy records suggest that severe droughts, larger than any observed in the past century, occurred several times in the last few thousand years and had large and long-lasting ecological effects.7 Similarly, prolonged high water levels in the Great Lakes (highstands) have been linked to climate variability. The Caspian Sea, while larger than Lake Superior in both surface area and volume, is brackish; though presently isolated, prehistorically the Caspian has been repeatedly connected to and then isolated from the Mediterranean via the Black Sea. Water temperatures on … Per decade since 1980, surface water temperature in summer has increased about 2 °F (1 °C), while regional air temperature has increased 1 °F (0.5 °C). Lake Superior, the deepest lake with by far the highest volume of water, is not as warm as the other Great Lakes, but still is running over 6 degrees above average. Lake-level variability and water availability in the Great Lakes: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1311, 25 p. http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/2007/1311/pdf/circ1311_web.pdf. The mean minimum temperature will be -3°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Monday 30th at -8°C. Superior is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). Forbes, P. Kovacs, J.A. Thunder Bay Ont. The average minimum temperature in Great Lake Superior in November is -4°. Lake Superior Temperatures. Great Lakes Water Level Data. Average water temperature in Lake Superior in August is 16.5°C/61.7°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. With an average annual water temperature of 45°F (7°C), Lake Superior moderates the climate, making winters warmer and summers cooler. The average water temperature now is 76 degrees, with the long-term average water temperature at 70 for this date. Per decade since 1980, surface water temperature in summer has increased about 2 °F (1 °C), while regional air temperature has increased 1 °F (0.5 °C).1,2, Lake Superior's ice cover is diminishing. Climate change will tend to amplify existing risks that impact people, ecosystems, and infrastructure. With field data in hand and computers crunching numbers, it's becoming obvious that Lake Superior is responding to global climate shifts as clearly as anywhere on Earth. These impacts are particularly concerning to the region because a major component of the regi… Current conditions, warnings and historical records ... Average Low 2010–Present 36.2 °F; Average 2010–Present 44.2 °F; Average High 2010–Present 52.3 °F; Get an account to remove ads. Lake Superior's ice cover is diminishing.

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