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Which is most definitely not a surprise for such a sophisticated and experienced musician who started his career as a session musician. Click the gear images for more info and specs at Guitar Center and Amazon. The Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster, as a standard production run, will be available in Spring 2019, for a much more affordable $2,499.99. Jimmy Page shares the psychedelic story behind his famous Fender guitar. From 1975 to well into the 1980s, a black Tele Custom (pictured) was his main standard tuning electric onstage. Maybe you could find your own mirrors? Read more: G&L Fullerton Deluxe Comanche. Apparently, Page and his bandmate Jeff Beck were on electric guitars on this particular song which was the only single featuring this unique arrangement. It has a custom “Oval C”-profile neck with a period-appropriate 7.25-inch rosewood fingerboard for an old-school feel. Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster... Sweetwater Sound. Neck: Custom-wound Jimmy Page '59 Tele Bridge: Custom-wound Jimmy Page '59 Tele Brand: Fender Custom shop Active or passive pickups: Passive Series or parallel: Parallel Controls. He’s got a lovely old Telecaster, and that was it. As soon as I played that, I couldn’t believe it. Beck played various Telecasters from that point onwards but was put off by the rosewood fingerboards featured on Fender’s new models: “I wanted a maple neck. On a budget? Barrett had two main Teles. Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster - Natural with Artwork. Jimmy Page Talks About His “Number 1” 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Fortunately, we don't have very far to look, since Page recorded only one album with the band—1967's Little Games—plus a few non-album singles and B-sides, all of which have wound up on deluxe versions of Little Games over the decades.. Even if you don’t replace the Grover tuners and rewire the bridge pickup so you have out-of-phase tones on tap, you’ll still have the acme of Les Paul tone at hand to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your execution of Immigrant Song’s rhythm figure one. Oh, and a hell of a lot of great tunes. Just crank that blend control for more octave madness. Get it as soon as Mon, ... (Jimmy Page, Prince, Slash, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Ry Cooder, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Hendrix, Robert Johnson.) His axe of choice was a ‘66 sunburst that he painted black. Fender guitars will launch a series of Jimmy Page signature Telecaster models in January in sync with Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary celebrations. One of the best wahs on the market, the Clyde Deluxe has three modes - Jimi, Shaft and Wacked - and a 10-step variable input level control. He wanted £75 – only about £10 cheaper than a brand new one. The Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster, which completes what Fender is calling the "Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set," will also be available in March for $25,000. While George’s brief, but significant patronage ensured that a production model would follow, the Stratocaster took longer to complete and Jimi never received it, thus it never got past the prototype stage. But more subtle levels will give you Page’s Fool in the Rain tone. All rights reserved. Strap on one of the best electric guitars available right now that's the key to the middle position 'quack'. It was interesting when Led Zeppelin got together for the Celebration Day performance in 2007 to see Page using a MIDI pedalboard switcher with a DigiTech Whammy pedal. The Gibson string gauge or more commonly referred to as Jimmy Page string gauge has been since many years one of the prime labels as far as the guitar world is concerned. Jimmy's 1960 neck PAF that he used throughout the 70's had an output of 8.69k when it was measured (in the circuit) about 5-6 years ago. Jonny Greenwood has used Teles since before Radiohead signed to Parlophone in 1991 and the guitars have featured on every one of their albums and (probably) at every live show. For Led Zeppelin II, Page was said to have used a Vox UL4120 Hybrid amp head - certainly, the pictures would suggest so - but Page’s studio tone would forever be associated with his use of a Supro combo, most likely a modified Thunderbolt, which had enough hair and teeth to take a hot blues tone and make it heavier. And it’s on the money looks-wise. When it comes to spec, you're on the same, er, Page here with an alder body, maple neck, rosewood 'board and punchy singlecoil pickups. For live performance of Stairway to Heaven, Page used a double-necked 6/12 1968 Gibson EDS-1275." There was a problem. Surprisingly, the guitar he plays remains something of a mystery. One of the best pedals to recreate the vintage mojo of the EP-3 tape delay, the Belle Epoch is hugely configurable, capable of rockabilly slapback delay and more extreme psychedelic effects such as rotary swirl and self-oscillation. Supro Black Magick Reverb combo There is little wonder the Mexican-built Player Series is so popular; it offers vintage tone with a more contemporary feel at a seriously competitive price. Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah Or perhaps the pounding riff of Immigrant Song? But the Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Telecaster is still widely available in both Mirror and Dragon, and besides coming equipped with two custom Jimmy Page ’59 Telecaster pickups and, capturing all the treble-forward energy of Page’s early Zeppelin tone, these are a seriously awesome late-‘50s spec Teles. This Big Muff reissue will give you heaps of mid-‘70s fuzz tone and a surprising amount of note separation for a slightly more usable effect, perfect for pushing your amp a little more for that Page crunch and sustain. Equally significant was Page’s Echoplex tape delay, which not only added that delicious echo effect with organic decay, but warmth via its preamp. This limited-edition set is modeled after Page's beloved 1959 Fender Telecaster.At each stage in its evolution, this legendary guitar produced … Not only were PA systems underdeveloped in Led Zeppelin’s early years, but the power with which John Bonham hit his drums necessitated plenty of volume from Page’s amplifiers. It was a gob-smacking gimmick, but it represented a tantalising glimpse into rock’s future. The dragon pants are strictly optional. Page used a lot of acoustics used in his Led Zeppelin days. 10 Famous Telecaster Players (Jimmy Page?) Now it's the turn of Clarence Leonidas Fender's pioneering debut solidbody; the Fender Telecaster. Keeley Mag Echo Page also used a variety of wahs, and an MXR Blue Box Octave Fuzz – most notably on the Fool in the Rain solo. And his use of Les Pauls ain't too shabby either. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. A true rock ‘n’ roll original, Bruce Springsteen is one of the most documented individuals on the face of the planet. Fender planned to launch a Rosewood Telecaster alongside a Rosewood Stratocaster, with Harrison and Jimi Hendrix the intended recipients. Blur guitarist and solo artist Coxon’s first encounter with the Telecaster came via a longtime friend and collaborator, producer Stephen Street: “Stephen lent me his Tele. But none of these got too far in front of that connection between his guitar and his amp, and the use of his volume controls to control how much gain was in his signal. Well, probably only Jimmy Page knows for sure, but if you are familiar with a b-bender effect, then whenever you hear that, you know for sure you are hearing the Fender Telecaster. Save up to $100 on Apple’s M1 Mac mini: is this your next music production computer? Syd Barrett’s sporadic guitar work with Pink Floyd offers a classic showcase of Telecaster tone – from brash, ringing chords to glassy, piercing lead lines. Beck bought the guitar anyway – actually a 1954 Esquire rather than a Tele – and set about modifying his new purchase by adding a black scratchplate and replacing the rusted steel saddles with brass ones from another guitar. Fender Custom Shop: Turning musical dreams into realities. what songs recorded on it (other than stairway)? By Christopher Scapelliti April 08, 2020. Visit our corporate site. Strung with just five strings (G D G B D low-high) and featuring a replacement brass six-saddle bridge and a Gibson PAF in the neck position, if one guitar is the sound of The Rolling Stones, it’s this. Jimmy Page We have taken some artistic license to include probably the greatest embassador that the Gibson Les Paul ever had, but it is necessary to remember that this gentleman called Jimmy Page, perhaps influenced by his mentor Jeff Beck in the Yardbirds , used the Fender Telecaster as his main guitar at the end of the 60s. Jimmy Page has played a number of guitar models over his career, including the Danelectro 3021, the Fender Telecaster, the Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe and the double-neck Gibson EDS-1275, most famously used during live shows to perform “Stairway to … MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. It ships with the mirrors but you’ve got to apply them yourself, or not - a manageable craft project that’s infinitely easier than mastering the nuances in Page’s phrasing and string-bending. A seriously good guitar that’s a steal at the price. Sound Like Jimmy Page | BY Busting The Bank In today's episode of Sound Like, Rabea & Matt recreate the incredible lead rock tones of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin! Little wonder. Telecaster number two is a standard American model, heavily modded towards a Plus configuration to replace Jonny’s original Plus of choice which was stolen along with a vanload of gear at a gig in Denver, 1995. Here is the quick history on Jimmy Page’s famous “Dragon” Fender Telecaster that he used with Led Zeppelin and the actual guitar used to play the solo on “Stairway To Heaven.”. (Amazing amp buy the way). "Simple as that.". Sure it’s odd, an offset body with a hockey-stick neck, but there is nothing quite like its jangle and shimmer, and if you want to nail the Stairway tone on tape this is what you want. With a similar construction to the 59M Dano, this will be easier on your back than the EDS-1275, and a whole lot easier on your wallet, too. 99. No expense spared: Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster It was something about the slimness of the neck. We've covered Les Pauls, Stratocasters, Rickenbackers, Flying Vs and Explorers. In December 1968, a prototype Rosewood Telecaster was hand-delivered to the Apple offices in London after being flown across the Atlantic in its own seat. It also proved useful when discouraging stage invasions. No expense spared: Friedman Dirty Shirley 40-watt tube combo Keith Richards has played plenty of guitars over the years, but he’s most readily identified with the Fender Telecaster. BA1 1UA. $2,499.99. Fender Electric XII Known as the ’Brown Bomber,’ it was utilized on tracks like Hot Dog and Ten Years Gone. Experts have analyzed the instrument as if it were the Shroud of Turin. There is perhaps no guitar that expresses classic rock’s sense of ambition and aesthetic excess than the double neck Gibson EDS-1275, which Page used live to recreate the ethereal majesty of Stairway to Heaven. Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Delay effects pedal Royal Teaburst is perhaps the closest to Page’s aged Authentic Burst. No expense spared: Gibson Custom 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard Danelectro 59M NOS+ Among music's most iconic guitars is Jimmy Page's Telecaster, ... and the guitar was used to record "Led Zeppelin I" along with countless hit songs on world-renowned albums. This dynamic overdrive will respond to how hard you are playing and is based explicitly on Jimmy Page’s custom Hiwatt heads that were used at the Royal Albert Hall shows. But, hey! Among music’s most iconic guitars is Jimmy Page’s Telecaster, known for its two “mirror” and “dragon” designs. Guitars Cool Notes: Jimmy Page is reputed to own over 1500 different guitars. Rocker Jimmy Page’s girlfriend Scarlett Sabet was in seventh heaven at her 30th birthday party this week. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sessions on Good Morning, Good Morning. Of course, it looks cool, too. Jimmy Page’s number one was famously sold to him by Joe Walsh (then of the James Gang, later of the Eagles) in 1969 for just $1,200, and would go on to replace his Telecaster as his weapon of choice. Control layout: Master volume, tone Pickup switch: 3-way Hardware. Strummer continued to play his ’66 Tele right up to his untimely death at the age of 50 in 2002. 1959 Blond Fender Telecaster Page predominantly plays Les Paul Standards, including his No. All rights reserved. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best Martin D-28 and Epiphone 1963 AJ-45S deals, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, (Image credit: Robert Knight Archive/Redferns), Squier Classic Vibe '60s Custom Telecaster, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The Pickport Studio is a pick holder that attaches to just about any part of your guitar, The best-selling pedals of 2020 have been revealed, Two played-and-smashed Kurt Cobain Fender Stratocasters are up for auction, Harley Benton launches two ukuleles adorned with Hawaiian tattoo-style artwork, Recording King unveils its second parlor-sized resonator, the Swamp Dog Parlor. The guitar solo on “Stairway To Heaven” was recorded with a Telecaster. As a practice tool, it’s ideal; there is an auxiliary input so you can play along to your favorite tracks. The instrument was the main guitar used on Led Zeppelin and was later used to record the iconic solo for “Stairway to Heaven." James @ ReWind nailed the key to Jimmy's tone and that is to have a neck pickup with a higher output than the bridge. Page began his career as a studio session musician in London and, by the mid-1960s, had become the most sought-after session guitarist in England. Sadowsky doesn't disappoint: “Ivory dish detergent," he says with a laugh. It features an enhanced tone control, and has germanium transistors for that Sola-Sound England vibe. Recently, Gibson reproduced Page's 1960 Les Paul Black Beauty, the one stolen from him in 1970, with modern modifications. Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy an american made Fender Telecaster and my main goal for it is to get me that sweet Jimmy Page '59 Tele tone that he gets in the studio. The man liked to tinker. Neck profile: Jimmy Page Custom Thin "D" Scale: 648 mm (25.5") Nut width: 41.9 mm (1.65") Fretboard radius: 184 mm (7.25") 21 Vintage frets; Synthetic bone nut; Pickups: 2 Jimmy Page Custom Tele single coils (bridge and neck) 1 Volume knob and 1 tone knob; 3-Way toggle switch; Custom pickguard: Refractive material under transparent pickguard We’ve got you covered. This is a stunning, supremely resonant acoustic that will only get better with age. Jimmy Page was born on 9th January 1944. With so many misty recollections about exactly which Marshall heads Page used, and the fact that those, as with his Hiwatt heads, would have been heavily modded, maybe it’s best to just grab the best boutique amp you can find for British-voiced vintage rock tone. The February 1958 neck date on Jimmy’s Telecaster shows it to be one of the very first with a rosewood fretboard (Image credit: Jorgen Angel, from new book Led Zeppelin: Denmark 1968-70) Take a bow.

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