August 26, 2016


Repairs: Providing a fast and easy onsite and remote solution for Server, Laptops, Desktops, wireless and network devices and components.

System Support: Including infrastructure design, System performance and maintenance of Apple or Microsoft based Server and workstation systems, repair, system optimization, software conflict resolution, network and infrastructure design, service contracts and more.

Hardware Upgrades: Bringing your commercial systems up to date.

Cable/DSL/T1: Finding you the best provider at the lowest cost. Wireless Networks: We can setup all your wireless devices (Apple, Microsoft, Android, BB), secure your wireless to today’s standards and even extend your network throughout your Business.

State-of-the-art software solutions: Clean up and analyze your disk space with professional File & Disk Space Management; Ensure reliable monitoring for servers and network services locally or remotely with flexible Monitoring and Diagnosis; Download your POP3/IMAP emails and create legally compliant email archive without spam and viruses with Mail Server & Security tools; Create personalized serial newsletters and professional call management with Office & Communication software and easily access the Windows Shell functionality with our royalty-free Developer Components.

Systems Security: Including virus protection, virus removal, pop-up prevention and spyware removal, Content filtering, website blocking, anti spam solutions and parental control.

Networking: We design your network for you, implementation and repair them if needed, and provide ongoing support. Data Backup/Restore,

Disaster recovery: We offer Data backup/Restore solutions to Fire/water/acid and drop proof data storage

Remote Support: We connect to you through our support tool and help you to get up and running in no time.

Service Contracts: With economic ongoing support customized for your commercial systems, we solve your technical challenges and give you dependable service at a predictable cost.

Onsite Training: We provide customize Microsoft Certified Trainings for you or your staff to handle occasional issues, program upgrades and much more.

Microsoft Server/Client/Office Software: We provide the best price for you, through our long term partnership with Microsoft we can not only provide the Service to install and configure the software, we get it for you for the best price.

Full Stack Development: Whether you need an ecommerce website, asynchronous database solution, native mobile app, or proprietary desktop software, we have decades of experience in software engineering and scalable infrastructure development.

Social Media Marketing: Personalized social media management tailored specifically to your industry and specific business needs and message. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, or any of the countless other social media platforms, we have unique experience and understanding allowing us to navigate the individualized communities of these platforms to ensure your message is conveyed properly and succinctly, all while increasing community engagement and brand awareness.

Branding & Design: In collaboration with a diverse team of creative professionals I’ve built strong long-term creative relationships with, I have formed a boutique design agency that creates standout, memorable brand experiences across both print and digital media. Capitalizing on over 17 years of experience, together with my team I have worked on a broad range of projects over a scope of relevant industries – from small-scale start-ups to established global companies across fashion, beauty, luxury, finance, and lifestyle.