About us


ProSysCo Cyber-Security is headquartered in New York with branches in Mexico City and Hannover/Germany. Originally founded by Stefan Leipold in Hannover 1998, we expanded fast and service clients all over the world. With heavy focus on Cyber-Security for Cooperations and the Marina Industry (IMO2021), infrastructure design and implementation in the interconnected world.

We use unique and custom-built tools to give us the edge

ProSysCo Cyber-Security Penetration testing for companies, marinas, vessels, physical, IT infrastructure and ethical hacking, Including virus protection, pop-up prevention, spyware detection, content filtering, website blocking, anti-spam solutions and parental control. IMO2021 compliance auditing.

We design and build your network for your implementation and repair them if needed and provide ongoing support. Data Backup/Restore.

Whether you need an eCommerce website, asynchronous database solution, native mobile app, and or proprietary desktop software. We have decades of experience in software engineering and scalable infrastructure development.

 Personalized social media management tailored specifically to your industry and specific business needs and message. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, or any of the countless other social media platforms, we have unique experience and understanding allowing us to navigate the individualized communities of these platforms to ensure your message is conveyed properly and succinctly, all while increasing community engagement and brand awareness.

In collaboration with a diverse team of creative professionals I’ve built strong long-term creative relationships with, I have formed a boutique design agency that creates standout, memorable brand experiences across both print and digital media. Capitalizing on over 17 years of experience, together with my team I have worked on a broad range of projects over a scope of relevant industries – from small-scale start-ups to established global companies across fashion, beauty, luxury, finance, and lifestyle.

About us


Each company is unique and One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. So we deliver custom solutions, tailored to you, your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

If we face the rare situation that we can’t find a solution to an issue, we get Microsoft / Cisco or Apple paid business support in the boat and with combined forces, we always won, because teamwork makes the dream work.

About us


Our dynamic and flexible approach is clearly represented in our team. We combine interdisciplinary with years experience and professional competence at your disposal

Stefan Leipold


Forbes Council, Author and global Speaker. Stefan manages the IT infrastructure  bringing 30+ years of experience to the team. 

Lorena Dromundo

Pro Athlete, 3x Downhill Pan-American Champion. Project Leadership, Innovation and Business development. Events, experiences in production & marketing

Kevin Meyer-Harding


Server and Client Systems, Wi-Fi and Surveillance solutions, Infrastructure Engineer

Tabraiz Tahir

Business Engineering, Strategy Consulting and Copy-writing

Melika Masoumi

Web Design/SEO

Software engineering, web development and IT consulting

Tamara Colas

Office Administration and Communication

Maggs Romo

Webdesign, Content Creation, SEO/SEM

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